7.10.07 8:20 p. m.

Rock californiano

Después de una larga espera (su fecha original en Mayo fue pospuesta), mañana Lunes por fin podré ver a este grupo tocando acá en Santiago. Ya les había hecho un ambigrama antes, pero la ocasión ameritaba un remake. Este ambigrama está hecho a partir de la Monotype Corsiva, que es una tipografía que he usado en varios otros trabajos gracias a su flexibilidad y sus detalles, a pesar de que para mi gusto sus mayúsculas son un tanto recargadas.

After a long wait (their original date in May was deferred), tomorrow I'll finally get to see this band here in Santiago. I've made an ambigram for them before, but I thought the ocation was worth the remake. This ambigram is based on the Monotype Corsiva, a typogphy that I've used many times before thanks to it's flexibility and nice details, although the capitals letters are in my opinion too fussy.

2 comentarios:

Martijn dijo...

Me gusto mucho! ;) Though the 'b' isn't obvious, I could still read the band's name quite easily! It might be harder when not familiar with Incubus, but you did well :D The 's' is also a lot better than in the older version where it could have been mistaken for a 'p' :)

homero dijo...

Dank! :) I think this version is a lot better than the older one. For the ones that are familiar with the band it should be easy to read, but I guess that someone that doesn't know the word wouldn't be able to read the "b" and maybe the "s" or the "I".