18.4.11 4:56 a. m.

Saludos de Wayne Coyne

Flaming Lips es una de mis bandas favoritas. A principios de mes tocaron en Lollapalooza Santiago, y tristemente yo no pude estar ahí. A pesar de eso, pude hacerle llegar a Wayne Coyne, el vocalista, una versión actualizada del ambigrama que yo hice para la banda hace un tiempo. Más abajo pueden ver el video donde Wayne me manda saludos con el ambigrama en sus manos (el otro dibujo que tiene en sus manos es una ilustración de Vicky Zamora, pasen a ver sus dibujos, muy muy buenos).

Flaming Lips is one of my favourite bands. This month they played at Lollapalooza in Santiago, and sadly I couldn't be there. Despite that, I was able to give Wayne Coyne, their lead singer, an updated version of an ambigram I made for them. After the break you'll find a video of Wayne saying hi with this ambigram on his hands (the other drawing he shows was made by Vicky Zamora, go and check her site out, it's very good!).

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http://uninverse.jimdo.com/ dijo...

Dear ambigram mate,

first I want to apologize for my scholastic English.
To begin with I want to express my sincerest congratulations on your work.
The estimate that I have for you has led me to contact you without further delay, hoping that my efforts are rewarded.
Just like you, I’m a fan of ambigrams and, as such, I delight myself in creating someone.
Maybe I could be called a beginner, but I like to believe that I’m not.
Precisely for this reason I contact you to have your opinion about my works, if you want.
I'd like to share with you our passion about ambigrams.
I hope to have you intrigued and receive your reply.

Yours sincerely,