14.3.08 7:53 p. m.


Dedicado a todos los proyectos e ideas que nunca superan el estado de "trabajo en progreso". Irónicamente, este es un ambigrama que estuvo más de tres meses guardado esperando sus toques finales. El diseño está basado en la tipografía Forte (pueden ver una versión más grande haciendo click en la imagen).

Dedicated to all the projects and ideas that never get to pass the "work in progress" state. Ironically, this ambigram wad to wait more than tree months to be finished. It was based on a Forte font (click on the image to enlarge).

5 comentarios:

nagfa dijo...

Conceptually, very good.

Design wise: the pivotal P will always be difficult to render. in your design we feel that the presence of the nicely-place (conveniently placed?) k/g could assist in making the pivotal P work better. The P's loop could turn into the g's tail when inverted, thus omitting the extra stroke.

your other solutions (w-ss, o-e, r-r, k-g, in-ro) are pleasing, as always


homero dijo...

Thanks for your comment and advice. I didn't think of connecting the P's loop to the g's tail, but I did try connecting the P's loop with the i's dot, and I didn't like the way it looked because the P got too big. Another variation I tried, that helped to remark the concept, was adding arrow points to the loops of the pivotal P, but the design looked too fussy, I wanted to keep this one simple.

Fraga dijo...

Clap, clap, clap!

AnuaR dijo...

Me encanto!,la solucion W-ss ; brillante! estetica, natural, fluida, en fin, exelente trabajo!

Black Psyckness dijo...

Hola Homero!
Soy Black Psyckness desde Tabasco, me gustaria que me hicieras dos ambigramas, uno que dijera "Black Psyckness" y otro que dijera "Yuri & Fher". No se si cobras por hacerlos, si es asi, dime cuanto me cobrarias... saludos!